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Digital Transformation?
Look no further than Azure

Azure enables your customers digital transformation, no matter what they’re trying to achieve.

Give your customers all the benefits of the Cloud. Reduced costs versus their on-premise solution. True scalability with a drastically reduced lead time... AND, all the while still maintaining complete, 100% control.

Can it:
Analyse business performance? Yes. Improve service delivery? Absolutely. Be part of a hybrid solution? You bet.

Azure is the malleable component to drive huge projects like digital transformation or complete everyday scenarios like website hosting.

How and why Azure? It’s all down to the flexibility.

Take a look at a few scenarios.

Perfect for

Backup and Archive

Data is integral to every business. Ensure your customers data is secure and readily available through reliable backup & archiving.

Virtual Machines

Give your customers on-demand, scalable computing resources while maintaining total control with Azure VM’s.

Cloud Databases

Predictable bursting? Unpredictable bursting? No matter what the situation, when using Azure Cloud Databases, you’ll always have the performance for whatever happens.

Website & Apps

Every one of your customers will have a website. Utilize Azure to host them and improve your service offering as well as your margin.

Identity & Security

Help improve security & monitoring without sacrificing productivity and mobility, by unlocking the power of Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft Azure for
Backup & Archive

With the massive explosion of data occurring across organisations around the world, many businesses are turning to the cloud for economical ways to keep pace with the vast amount of data they must backup and archive.

  • Hybrid storage means you don’t have to choose between on-premises or cloud storage
  • Scale storage to accommodate peaks and dips
  • Never spend more than you are using
  • Allows you to adopt and define a holistic business continuity strategy

View basic package (PDF)

Top tips

Ask these questions to get Azure into the conversation:

  • Do you have any constraints that dictate where you store data?
  • How do you go about archiving your data?
  • Do you feel as though you’re overspending on storage?

Microsoft Azure for
Virtual Machines

Azure VMs give’s the customer on-demand, scalable computing resources with more control, higher availability, better security, and improved management. The customer can:

  • Scale to what they need, pay only for what they use
  • Create VMs when they need them for as long as they need them, then shut them down when they don’t
  • Get more choice, enhance security compliance

View basic VM package (PDF)

Top tips

Ask these questions to get Azure into the conversation:

  • How do you drive innovation when you have budget constraints?
  • How are you meeting business demands as quickly and efficiently as possible?
  • Is your current infrastructure flexible, reliable, scalable?

Microsoft Azure for
Cloud Databases

Use the cloud as your data warehouse and database solution as a service, and do it all by paying for what you need. The customer can either have a single database or elastic pool:

View basic DB package (PDF)

Single databases

  • Fully isolated databases optimised for workloads when performance demands are somewhat predictable
  • Scale a single database up or down
  • Get the performance and features your app needs, precisely when it needs it.

Elastic pools

  • Manage the collective performance of a pool of databases rather than single databases
  • Databases in the pool automatically scale up and down to meet demand
  • You can easily add and remove databases from the pool
  • All within a budget you control

Top tips

Ask these questions to get Azure into the conversation:

  • What is your current data warehouse approach?
  • Can it scale on demand and pause when not in use?
  • How do you handle exponential data growth?

Microsoft Azure for
Website & Apps

The concept of hosting a website on Azure is done through the Web Apps service. Allowing you to host websites and Apps that seamlessly scale with your customers.

  • Deploy and updated faster
  • Auto-scale based on demand and only pay for what you use
  • Support for both Windows and Linux
  • High availability and auto-patching
  • On-demand insights and analytics to drive Business Intelligence
  • Support for many 3rd party applications

Basic, Standard & Premium plans all include a 99.95% uptime SLA. 165 MB of outbound traffic is included, additional outbound network bandwidth charged separately.

View basic package (PDF)

Top tips

Ask these questions to get Azure into the conversation:

  • How are you managing internal and external websites?
  • Are you using different platforms?
  • Do your customers use and love your websites and apps?

Microsoft Azure for
Identity & Security

A package of services that help to ensure users are as productive as possible, whilst ensuring sensitive information is kept private & secure in the public cloud. Security services combine a management centre, data security and end-user security. Constituent parts are:

  • Security Center to monitor security across on-premises and cloud workloads for rapid threat response
  • Key Vault to safeguard and control cryptographic keys & passwords
  • Azure Active Directory for Multi-Factor Authentication to add an additional layer of security, protect data & applications. Single sign-on for on-premises and cloud hosted apps

View basic package (PDF)

Top tips

Ask these questions to get Azure into the conversation:

  • How safe and secure is your data, especially in the event of an incident?
  • What security measures do you have in place currently?
  • Do you know what type of threats your company could be exposed to?
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